"Just One Touch Can Change Everything"

Around 1 A.M., April 18th, 2019, I was closing my eyes, trying to get to sleep after a VERY long day, when God gave me a vision that unfolded in my mind's eye. It wasn't a half-dream. He's never decided to communicate with me in this way before. I saw Him touching my heart with healing light, putting all sorts of good desires in it. He told me "Just one touch from Me can change everything." And if He gave me a desire, He was of course not going to let that desire be unfulfilled. My heart was being dusted off and made ready to go. He had been using the tragedy that happened that day for that.

Only God is self existent, that's why He can rightfully claim "I AM THAT I AM." If we want something or to do something, even something bad, then the want must have come from somewhere. I think that a lot of times, those desires, or rather the circumstances that cause those desires, come from God Himself.