I'm Worried That Too Many Celebrities Will Want To Take Pictures With Me

I've been asking myself "Why on earth would anyone want to take a photograph with me?" But apparently, some celebrities can't help themselves. It is so wrong for a young person to be taken by any celebrity. The worst part is that some people can't handle other people getting close. This is an embarrassing way to end your day. So I am here to tell you: Don't.

The best advice I've ever received, and that anyone who has ever written this article on the subject has sent to me after having given it in writing: Do not take a photograph with celebrities. And if you see anyone else doing it, do not respond. If you have pictures of any celebrities, immediately send them to me at gendren@circles.com.

It has not taken too long for celebrities to begin following me — with a fair few even doing so with respect. On top of this, the Internet just seems to be awash in pictures of ordinary people and celebrities. It is totally wrong and everyone should cease doing so immediately, no matter how harmless it seems.