If Satan's Your Dad Or Son Or Brother Kick Him In His Face Until He Dies Next Time You See Him And Receive A Free Level Ninety Character Boost

In this short, yet epic story about the life and death of an evil character and the ultimate reward in that life's ending, you begin in the early 1960s, with one character in particular becoming determined to destroy the system that has been putting his family and friends in a position of misery…and to make it so that he can see them all a million times over again.

The player does not need any programming skills to play the game: just run it and find what you like! With some experience you will be able to adapt the game without ever having to learn anything about programming or making an object. If you decide to do so, feel free to ask your friends or teachers for suggestions (or even make your own!). Your contributions are welcome too.

The game was developed in the United States in the early 1980s by Richard D. Mascott, a game designer, computer programmer, and educator.