I Am Going To Kill A Lot More Of My Enemies Now

by Kanye West
  1. [+9,865, -66] This is how much I love you Kim! I love you so much! I'll always be in your heart, your corner.
  2. [+8,817, -75] I'm so glad your friends are okay.. we are all living in a world where there's this weird perception. But I've come to the conclusion that people should never be made to feel sad because of their situation. That's how I feel right now because I have my sister so I can't look her in the eye and tell her this. They say I shouldn't be afraid of your problems. You're crazy, Kim Jong Un!
  3. [+7,923, -60] Please, stop insulting me, give love to me, but please.. stop making me hate the situation when people are looking for love.
  4. [+5,915, -77] The truth hurts so much ㅋㅋ