The Demons Anthony Summoned Outside That Were Too Big For History

"They're too fat to fit in the history books," Anthony said. "They were there for four-to-six months. It was like watching a bad movie. They were here for a really, really short period of time, but there's no telling how much longer they were out of control. And that's just what we are witnessing here and how bad things got and what happened. "We don't know what was said, we don't know what was written. This is something very serious and painful for them. It's not good for us, but it is very real." Anthony declined a request for an interview.

A few of the boys had never fought, and some were injured beyond imagination. "One kid was kicked in the jaw, broken nose, cut tongue, jaw broken open," Anthony told me. "He has stitches on his tongue. One kid in particular, he looked like a skeleton and his face was like there had been an earthquake that had happened around here recently. He didn't even have a leg. We've never seen anything like it before."