Austin To Make Goulash Out Of Zeus' Teeth

At the end of last week a photo of Jack's friend, John, with a bottle of wine was released. While John's brother, Andrew, and Jack are no longer involved with the band, Jack himself has announced the band are going on tour after touring through the US and Europe for the last year. Jack says he's hoping to be back in the US in mid September with the whole family, and that he wants to put the band out on tour once again.

John tells Rolling Stone, "It's crazy how the whole concept started from the idea that we should make Goulash from the teeth of two gods. We didn't have any real idea how to do it until someone introduced us to someone in Detroit who did it for a couple of weekends two tours ago."

On Facebook John describes how he used a vacuum cleaner to "extract" the teeth of both God and Zeus. John explains:

"We had to scrape the teeth of Zeus and put it through our mouth to clean them out."