Rest in peace, Sol

don't get it twisted

I first heard about what you did in a high-school junior computer science classroom. They hadn't found you yet. I knew I hated school shooter fangirls, and you cemented that even further. I was worried about my family in Denver. The other day, my mom was talking about my uncle's wedding we went to when I was a toddler, and she mentioned that we could see Columbine from the hill it was on.

I checked out a few articles, and some of them mentioned a "blog" of yours. I moused over the link, and my heart skipped a beat as I realized just who you were. You were the first person I tried to introduce Christ to. Maybe you linked to "The Joy of Satan" in retaliation, I can't remember if that was on your links page before the fact or not. I know you made me feel what you felt.

Today I have heard applause over the death of someone I wanted to have life to the full. Today I have seen the darkness of our human hearts trying so desperately to seek light. Maybe you can see why this had to be, if you just look beyond the sun.

Replica of infamous NATURAL SELECTION t-shirt made to capitalize on lust fueled by the blood of people our age
Pictured: One of the facets of the true face of the theory of evolution.
Among its peers: Auschwitz, forced sterilization, countless other holes in heads and hearts...