Last night, God showed me that He has been touching my heart every single day, dusting it off, and doing surgery on it. Oddly, He was going to drive me like a car, I didn't get to choose where I went but I didn't mind because I was so bored having no where to go and I was due for an adventure. I was so overjoyed, He was speaking to me so clearly. I've been so drawn into the dream world recently.

It seems like I've got amnesia. I can only remember barely anything about the past. But God is making me forget so I can focus on the future. Yes, I'm sure that's the case. I don't have a brain parasite or anything. I always tried to explain it as cognitive decline caused by my choice to be alone. I can't be sad about me wasting my life because everyone wastes their life by default. No amount of anything other than God, will truly make you happy. Time here is so sad. But His coming is so close. No matter how many lies they tell and how much I hear. Life here is a story of hope because of Him and only Him.

Today I saw that thinking nothing is real will get you killed, physically and/or spiritually. I was so shocked to see Sol's site updated.... it looked like some clown hacked it at first, what with all the Julian Assange nonsense they put on there at first, but now it seems like they're trying to make us think. At least they didn't do anything drastic. Now I'm seeing copycat pages.

The message is so clear. It's a wake up call. Everything changed in a moment. I can't deny that what God has led me into is real anymore. Everyone, including me, has to realize we're not on the playground anymore. We have to reach out to our neighbors who need help. Anything is better than doing nothing. No matter how different they are. I'm so cowardly but that just means I need help from God and everyone else does. No one is perfect and we aren't meant to be right now, no matter how much we're shamed about it. Now I see that I'll end up like her if I don't believe. There's no doubt there's demons behind what she did, but the moral is so clear.

I was so torn seeing how people thought about her. So many people thought she was a hoax. It's true I never knew her, but no one can deny that she was our neighbor. No one can believe anything anymore in this age. It's just like with ■■■■■. I heard that denying someone's existence is the highest level of hate for them.

It looks like Trump is going to get impeached at last, LOL. I have a joke. A really, really bad joke.
Q: What do you say when you're the president and you get owned?
A: Oh man, I'm peached.